Beijing GRS Science&Technology Co., Ltd


  • Aperture and Pore Shape Measurement Machine.

  • Measure Aperture, Taper, Roundness, Parrallalism, Linearity.


  • Compact version, easy to install.

  • Suitable for site and Laboratory.  

  • Measurement data can be upload to PC via COM interface.

  • English and Chinese version software.


  • Parameters can be changed, storage, and classified automatically.

  • Automatically measurement with data and graph of result.

  • Self-calibration with reference parts.


  • Data collection, storage and transfer.

  • Cpk, Cmk automatically calculation.

  • Print Result

  • Rich fittings for customer work part. And customized fittings for customer special work parts.

  • Customized structure according to customer specially requirements.